Looking to enhance a program you’re offering? Culinary History is a great way to engage the public no matter the age group. Young and old, everyone enjoys talking about food and participating in hands-on activities. Each program listed can be tailored to fit your site or programs needs.


An excellent opportunity for spark interest through a talk with a power point presentation, these lectures range from one-hour to a four-part series. Each topic can be tailor to your individual audience needs.

  • An Overview of Colonial Dining in the Mid-Atlantic – Early, Middle and Late

Colonial dining is often thought of as a one pot meal of grey mush. This dynamic lectures takes a look at the collections of museums in the Mid-Atlantic, and receipt books from the 17th through 19th century to dispel this long held myth.

  • Dining with George and Martha in the Nation’s First Capital

When George Washington became the first president of the New Nation, dining in New York was at a fashionable height that would only grow more elaborate. This fun look at the pleasures of sharing dinner with His Excellency and Mrs. Washington is sure to spark an interest in this often overlooked period of history.

  • Tea Time in the Mid-Atlantic

The pleasures of tea in the late afternoon was enjoyed all over the Mid-Atlantic by women and alike, and began long before the Victorian period. Conversation and tea, manners and fun, all were a part of this upper class social occasion.

  • Dessert and the Great Banquet

Far from a single piece of cake served at the end of a meal, the dessert banquet was a woman’s opportunity to display not only her culinary talents, but her husband’s wealth. But the luxury displayed came at a very high price. This talk looks at the growth of pleasure and the cost associated with the central key ingredient, sugar.


With or without cooking, demonstrations offer the public an opportunity to focus on culinary history while enjoying other activities at an event. Tailored to meet specific event needs, demonstrations include hands-on activities, as well as an opportunity to ask questions and engage in one-on-one conversation in a group setting.

Workshops and Cooking Classes

Working within a historic setting, camp site or modern classroom, nothing compares to getting in there and creating food from real period recipes. Workshops and cooking classes can be a one time event or a series offered over several months to boost your calendar. Teaching varies depending upon your needs, A great way to train staff new to the hearth, scouts looking to do more than the average fare, or a great party to use the hearth in your home.