Yum….my first blog post

My first blog post, wow. A bit intimidating, much worse than looking at a few lines of ingredients in an manuscript cookbook for a cake and trying to figure out what the end results will be. Because then I can see the steps. The items used point the way. There are variations, but really not that many. Here, well, things are going live and I’m barely able to understand what’s happening, and why I can’t work on it in the back ground until it’s prefect before letting the entire Internet world actually see it. I mean, where’s the trash can!

But stepping out makes it easier. Putting it out there means that yes, I can do this, I’m committed! Somewhere along the line it will become easy as pie. Which is much easier than cake, and way easier than cakes. (Those are cookies by the way, when there’s an ‘s’ at the end, not multiple risen cakes. A teaching moment we’ll get to later.) But for now, here’s my blog. A place where my love of history, food, culture, art, people, and all those other things I tend to geek out about will come shinning into the public spotlight. One step on the path to creating the life I want to live. One tiny step towards major expansion. Thank you for joining me on my journey. I’m sure it is going to be a very interesting one, and to be totally honest about it…I’m excited as hell!

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