A Surprise in the Mail

Most days the mail is full of well…you know…junk! But a few days ago I received a wonderful surprise from my sister! A signed copy of a book that had been on my Amazon wish list. Adrian Miller’s new addition to the wonderful world of culinary history focused on African-American cooks and chefs, The President’s Kitchen Cabinet. Not only is it signed by Mr. Miller, but also by former President Obama’s chef, Charlie Redden, as well as the Sr. Master Sgt. Wanda Joell, who appears in the book in a photograph taken when she was 11-years old, visiting the White House.

Many of us know that the world is small, and the whole concept of “six degrees of separation” is very real. My sister, Barbara, happens to be friends with Mr. Miller’s parents. I am also blessed with a signed copy of his first book, Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine. Although I haven’t cracked the cover on his latest one (much), I am truly looking forward to it. One thing we are all very clear about is the under representation of printed material on all the African-American (Black) cooks and chefs that have created amazing food throughout our country’s history. The under representation is astonishing and continues to perpetuate the lies surrounding our contributions to this country’s development.

I am looking forward to delving into this amazing book, just thumbing through has sparked my curiosity so much. I do encourage everyone to pick-up a copy, definitely ask your local library to add it to their collection if they haven’t already. Also, share it with a young person you know who may be interested in cooking. Inspiration comes in many forms, and this is truly an inspiring endeavor.

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